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Had a busy week at work. We're getting new stock in for the new semester, and thus I've spent a few exhausting days among piles of boxes counting books and making sure we got stock that we ordered. Funniest incident has been one publisher sending us 222 copies(!) of one book that we actually ordered 12 of. Have also gotten myself a free (albeit, badly damaged) copy of a Penguin edition of William Blake's selected poems. It was in a box of mixed books from Penguin/Pearson with a note of apology for sending a damaged book. Never mind that we didn't actually order a copy of William Blake's selected poems for anyone (it seems that it was probably for another customer and it somehow ended up in a box with our order). Dad made the executive decision that I could take it home for my overflowing bookshelf. The bookshop hasn't been billed for it, it's damaged and I doubt anyone's going to miss it.

Hoping to get the last of my Christmas shopping out of the way tomorrow. It's just Dad that I need to consider. Thankfully in the six months he has taken up golf, so I will probably get him something golf-related. Got Mum Eric Clapton's autobiography, since she dropped some pretty unsubtle hints about wanting it while on a joint trip to Borders a few weeks ago.

Just finished watching episode two of Dirt. Much more impressed with this episode. Everything on the whole seemed much more interesting, and not just Don's scenes. I've seen episode three already (watched it months ago on YouTube), but now knowing the context for it, I'll take a look at it again. The crack value of the Don/Kira relationship is just too much for me not to re-watch.

Wind in the Willows and Hogfather tomorrow night!

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