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Squeeful Tintin movie news

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Andy Serkis is reteaming with director Peter Jackson in "Tintin," the DreamWorks movie trilogy collaboration from the "Lord of the Rings" director and Steven Spielberg.
Although DreamWorks would not confirm, it is believed Serkis will play the role of Captain Haddock, a temperamental sea captain, in British scribe Steven Moffat's adaptation of the comic strip created by late Belgian animator Herge.

My God, this just gets better and better, doesn't it? Between Jackson/Spielberg/Moffat and now Andy Serkis is in too! *squee* I'd love to see him play Captain Haddock!

Still truly curious about who will be playing/voicing Tintin though. Next casting announcement plz?

Was going to watch first episode of Dirt tonight, but my uncle is up visiting with his family and thus the evening was spent entertaining them. Maybe tomorrow night.
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