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'tis the season... (Dirt, Doctor Who and the perils of Greek)

My default icon for the festive season, let me show you it. *points*

dives, I am getting Teh Ian for Christmas! Er, sort of but not really. Dirt's finally screening on cable from the 15th of next month, so I will withstand the crappiness and watch him out-perform all the other actors every week because he's that amazing. Trufax.

Also, because I'm finally over my raging fury initial shock, my thoughts on yaoi That Spoiler for S4 of Doctor Who.

Really Rusty, WHAT IS THE BLEEDING POINT of bringing back Rose when you go and send her off in a finale plotline that ensures she can't see the Doctor again?! ARGH, DO NOT WANT!

As you can see, I was rather annoyed when I heard the news. Not just because I don't think we need to revisit Rose, but because of the inevitable tidal wave of wank that came with it. The Ten/Rose shippers are going to be insufferable now, because Rusty's done this fanservice for them.

All that said....I am somewhat optimistic. "Bzuh? After THAT rant?" you say, but I console myself with the following knowledge. Firstly, that it's three episodes. I know Ten's not going to ride off into the sunset with Rose, because it's the S4 finale (or it seems to be) and Billie Piper has to go back to film that London callgirl drama while Tennant does the abbrieviated S5. I think it's quite clear that Piper is not staying beyond that finale, and that it's probably going to end with a less angsty parting between Ten and Rose (hopefully with no romantic nonsense).

Secondly, because it isn't just Ten and Rose. It looks like it's going to be Ten, Rose, Martha and Donna, with possibly Jack and Sarah Jane thrown in for good measure (this is based on the rumours I've seen floating about). Thus it can't all be about Ten and Rose's Twu Wuv and is going to be likely more about the Doctor and the present/former New Skool companions having to defend the universe or something like that. The beauty of DW is that it's more driven by plot than by character relationships.

And that's why I'm going to give this a chance and not get too pissed yet. Better to rant angrily after the episodes have been seen!

/fandom geek

And now, back to the studio!

In other news, got onto Greek feminine nouns and verbs the other day. I've found the best way to memorize the characteristics of the masculine/feminine nouns is to write out the nouns the way I used to with Latin (serva, servam, servae, etc.). Similar story for the verbs. Our first vocabulary test is next week, as is a revision exam. Oh, the joys of learning an entire semester's work in the space of a month! -_-;

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