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Last night's update was obviously all political squee, so now for… - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet....
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Last night's update was obviously all political squee, so now for something completely different. Or not.

I had a great time at The Whitlams concert. I thought I was sitting in the front row, but I wasn't. I booked the tickets in April and my memory obviously wasn't working that night. ;p Tim Freedman was in fine form and he is so much sexier in person and the band sounded good. The orchestra was a bit drowned out by the band, but for some of the songs they were used to great effect ('Out the Back' was the big number there, and Tim even left the stage for a bit while they played). 'Make the World Safe' was on the list of songs in the program, but they didn't play it, which was disappointing for me. However, the band's encore consisted of a verse and a half of 'I Make Hamburgers' and then 'The Curse Stops Here' and 'Gough'. And of course, there was a lot of political talk. I almost wish I'd gone to see them last night, because I'm quite sure that Tim would've been very pleased about the election results. I got the impression that the boys might have been signing stuff after the concert (there was a small table set up near the bar that looked like it'd been put there for it), but by that point it was late and I honestly wasn't prepared to wait in line (plus I hadn't brought any of my cds with me or anything that could be signed). Maybe another time, right?

And during the interval, I finally met vikingcarrot, after five years of being on each other's flists and living in the same city. XD We could've met up before the concert, but I'm one of these silly people that doesn't get comment notifications, so I didn't get her mobile number before the concert. :/ Anyway, it was great to meet you at long last!

Yesterday, I met up with Amy for the first time after her three month trip to India (and she's come back with an American accent, which was very strange to listen to). We went looking for the dress for Evelyn's wedding and found it in one of the formalwear shops on Broadway. It's navy blue silk, and I'm quite pleased with it. Still disappointed that the white dress was out of contention though. I'm tempted to buy it anyway, but then I don't think I can justify the money that I'd spend on it. Bah.

Also ended up seeing Elizabeth: The Golden Age. It was rather meh really, not anywhere near as good as the first film. Cate Blanchett's performance was strong, but the script she had to work with wasn't fantastic. As for the accusations of anti-Catholicism....well, certainly the scenes in the Spanish churches with the imposing clergy and Philip II hurrying about clutching his rosary in a fit of fanaticism seem quite biased against the Roman church. The director has said that the film speaks out against fundamentalism in religion (rather than Catholicism specifically), but then he appears to have overlooked the execution of priests by the English that occured through the 1580s. Can't have one atrocity without another to match, surely? That's how the Reformation worked. ;p On the plus side, Clive Owen was quite good and mesmerising as Raleigh, and I was rather surprised and pleased to see Tom Hollander in a small supporting role as Amyas Paulet. However, I still think the BBC's 'The Virgin Queen' is the best adaptation I've seen. This had potential to be good, but was let down by the script and the changing of history for added dramatic effect.

And by the way, whose silly idea was it to have Mary Queen of Scots sound Scottish? If anything she would have had more of a French accent.

Very much looking forward to the first part of Jane Eyre tonight. About damn time it was shown here! The reviewer in The Australian said that Toby Stephens was apparently too attractive to be Rochester, though I can beg to differ.

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vikingcarrot From: vikingcarrot Date: November 25th, 2007 08:28 am (UTC) (Link)
I was so happy to finally meet you. ;o; I friended you way back when because I was hoping to find some local friends... and look how long it took me to finally have the guts to actually ask to meet you rather than suggest it. :)

I'd love to hang out more and get to know you better in person. :)

Also, my friend Paul was impressed by your academic interests. I think he really wants to be able to chat with you at length about the Crusades! I mentioned to him after we returned to our seats that you're an active Catholic, as he started musing on what a Catholic academic's perspective of such things would be like. He's really into that sort of thing. SO YOU HAVE ANOTHER FAN. :D
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