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Rome revisited

In lieu of anything interesting happening in my life at the moment, I'm posting photos. They're not even mine, but were sent to me by Brendan, who travelled with me in Italy last year. He had the great fortune to travel there again this year (much to my envy), and was able to get photos of some places and objects that I couldn't.

The Capitoline Wolf is just so representative of everything I love about Rome. I like the thought that she's been witness to pretty much the entire history of Rome, right from the Etruscans through to the Republic, Empire and into the present.

....And I'm still not entirely sure how Brendan got this photo, considering that photography was banned the last time we were there. That security guard in the shot doesn't look entirely happy about it.

This elaborate bust is of the emperor Commodus (yes, Emperor 'AM I NOT MERCIFUL?!' Commodus from Gladiator). He's trying to be Hercules here, with the lionskin and club. I seem to remember that Sonya rubbished this bust in a lecture once. Or one of the Classics lecturers did anyway.

What really pissed me off about the tour we took to Pompeii was that we didn't visit the Villa of the Mysteries. Serious FAIL. As you can see, the frescoes are just beautiful and so well-preserved. I really envy Brendan for seeing this.

I'm sorely tempted to forego Japan in favour of another three weeks in Italy at the end of next year, but no. I've wanted to go to Japan for much longer than I'd wanted to go to Italy, so that's what I'll hopefully be doing in a year's time.

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