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Ahhh! - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
CUMMING OUT CRAWLING: Actor Alan Cumming joining the cast of X-Men 2, playing the mutant superhero Nightcrawler. Production on the sequel begins June 17.

The gorgeous Alan Cumming in the same film as Ian McKellen and Hugh Jackman. Wowee. Anybody else excited?
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vikingcarrot From: vikingcarrot Date: May 31st, 2002 04:12 am (UTC) (Link)
*raises hand*

I am. =)
severa From: severa Date: May 31st, 2002 05:54 am (UTC) (Link)
GAH! He's perfect. I actaully reember after the first X-MEn movie came out, a genre magazine did their own casting for other charactrs and they suggested Alan C. for Nightcrawler, too! the gods of Sci-Fi have spoken.
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