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I am having an entirely pleasant break from studying for a few weeks, until I'm taking New Testament Greek A for summer semester. I toyed with not doing it, but seeing as it's not something I could do while I'm writing my thesis, now seemed as good a time as any.

It's going to be a strange schedule though: Rick (who is taking the course) is going to Alice Springs a long holiday from the second week of December, so he's going to cram a entire semester's teaching into a seven days (there is something wonderfully Biblical about that). Two days a week, four hours of class each day for the first two weeks of semester; then about a month of no classes, followed by three more days of classes in early January. My reservations about doing it this way are somewhat skewed in light of the perk of a month of no classes and being able to keep up the study at home.

I've also been thinking about my thesis. I re-read the proposal I submitted for the research methodology class in June, and decided that for the main body of the work, for each chapter I would pick three main texts to study rather than try to cover the entire body of early church literature on martyrdom. At the time, I thought it'd be nice to get a look at the big picture, but I think in limiting the chapters to studies of three texts, I can still do that. Any other texts that are relevant (besides the three I choose) are still useful.

Anyway, enough about that Deep Academic Stuff. Stephen Colbert's book is fantastic. In light of the writer's strike in the US, I'm trying to ration it out a bit, so I don't suffer too much from withdrawal. -_-; Thankfully I'm going to be at work all next week, so there'll be less reading time for a little while at least.

And so to bed, considering I have to be catching a bus at 7:15 tomorrow. :/

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