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This evening.

Had a fantastic time with Libby at Michael Palin's talk. He talked about his trip across Eastern Europe and was very charming and funny. I'm really enjoying the book and will definitely be watching the series next year.

The crowd who came to City Hall to see him were massive- apparently it was the biggest audience he'd had for the book tour! Fortunately we didn't have to queue very long for the book signing. I got my book signed, and one for my Uncle Howard as a Christmas present.

I did bring my camera, but very early on I decided that it was probably best that I didn't try to get a photo. Not because it was forbidden or anything, but because there were hundreds of people queuing (as opposed to when I met REG last year, where there were probably 20-30 people maximum), and I imagine that it's quite frustrating to have to sign books and smile for the camera in the space of a minute so you can get through the huge queue as quickly and efficiently as possible. Anyway, you all know what Michael Palin looks like. XD

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