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Yeah, nothing interesting to see here.

Got the Talmud reference problems sorted out for the paper. I decided to briefly address Domitian's execution of Flavius Clemens, since it seemed too important to be left unsaid. The section on the trial and execution of Jesus still needs some work, so I'll try and get that out of the way tonight. After that, it's a matter of putting together the bibliography and fixing up the conclusion and references until I'm satisfied with it.

To be honest, I hope that I finish all the work on Monday, because I just know if I finish early, I'll start picking apart everything and decide it needs to be overhauled. ;p

On an unrelated note to any of the above....Stephen Colbert's book is still not here. At the very latest, it was supposed to have arrived yesterday. The customer service robot person at Amazon replied to my e-mail saying to wait until Friday evening and then e-mail again if the book hasn't arrived by then. There is something gratingly annoying about having paid just a little bit more for speedier shipping, only to find that I may as well have just paid standard. ARGH. And just as I was beginning to have faith in Amazon again. >:/

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