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It just seems like all too much of a coincidence that Eric Idle is bringing his oratorio 'Not the Messiah (he's a very naughty boy)' to Brisbane a month after I've polished off and handed in RID. I was going to attend the annual performance of the Handel oratorio, but I'm going to Idle's instead (having talked the parental unit into it). Yay! Michael Palin and Eric Idle in Brisbane within a month of each other. What are the odds?!

In tv news, Foxtel are introducing a new channel in December, Showcase. And they're going to be screening both series of Rome, series two of Brotherhood and The Tudors!! So, happily, I won't have to download the latter after all! And shall eventually get to see Peter O'Toole as the Pope (which will be a rip roaring performance, you know). They're also showing Deadwood, which was recced to me by Steven at the antiquities museum party on Friday night.

Progress on the final draft of RID is somewhat slow, largely because the conclusion is refusing to cooperate. And I'm still having headaches trying to find Talmud passages I've cited that were referenced by scholars in their books but that I can't find in the Talmud itself. I know these scholars couldn't have pulled these phrases out of thin air, so why aren't they where they should be?! *grumble* Good thing I've got a week left on this thing, I have a feeling that this particular quibble will be the toughest one to fix.
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