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Peter Davison and David Tennant in The Mrs Bradley Mysteries

I was quite surprised and pleased to find this clip on YouTube. It's been a few years since I've watched the Mrs Bradley Mysteries, but I remember loving the series enough to tape all the episodes and watch them until the tapes were worn out. Happily, the dvd came out this month of the complete series, and I have it ordered.

Thought I'd post this collection of clips since it seemed like a nice precursor to Tennant and Davison's Doctor Who skit for Children in Need next month. David is looking incredibly Barty Crouch-ish here! And he doesn't seem to have aged a bit, considering this series has got to be nearly ten years old now.

Oh, and must add that this is slightly NSFW, since there is a naked chauffeur. Hee. Diana Rigg and Neil Dudgeon have the most amazing chemistry.


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