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Screencap sourcing

This will come off as completely silly, but....I'm looking for Monty Python's Life of Brian screencaps. High quality ones. I've already looked in cap_it and dj_capslock, but the links have expired in the posts I've found. So if anyone can point me to a lj post with Life of Brian caps, can you let me know?

(If you need to know why.....well, I need a good cap of the governor's palace covered with 'Romani Ite Domum'. I feel it's entirely appropriate for the cover of my essay, you see. XD Not that it's required or anything, but it'd add a humourous touch to the final product.)


While we're on Python-related stuff...Michael Palin's coming to Brisbane!

Oh. My. God. Every time Michael Palin's come here to promote his travel books I've missed out on seeing him. :( Gah, if there are still tickets available to this thing, I'm definitely calling up tomorrow to book.

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