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Meme time!

Taken from severa

Comment on this post and I'll pick seven of your icons. You then post the icons, and what they mean to you in your journal, asking people to do the same.

This comes from a series of ads for Malibu rum (this is one of the the ads) with the hypothetical 'Imagine if we Caribbeans took life as seriously as the rest of the world?' I liked the image at the end with the text, so I capped it and decided it would be my 'relaxed' icon. I haven't really had a chance to use it much yet, owing to all the honours work. It's rather hard for me to be easygoing at the moment. ;p

Aw, Anji and Calum. They're characters in UK dramedy 'No Angels'. Anji's an outgoing carefree nurse (or rather HCA), Calum's an uptight socially inept doctor. And they fancy each other, but Calum was mean to her once in the second series and their love stays unrequited until the final series. I shipped them liek whoa. I'm not sure if there's a reason for the icon other than 'omg they're so cute together'.

Father Nicholas is the protagonist of this very offensive cartoon, 'Popetown' (created by the awesome Mackenzie Crook). He effectively babysits the crazy Pope and more or less has to do a lot of running around and getting into shenanigans. This is my 'this is me not taking teh church srsly' icon.

Domitian = worst of the Flavian emperors. He was such a tyrant that he was murdered in a conspiracy by palace officials, praetorian guard, etc. 'WWDD?' came about from a doodle I made while waiting for an ancient history lecture to begin a couple of years ago. Asking yourself 'What Would Domitian Do?' was just amusing, because you knew it would involve torturing/murdering someone or exiling them. Always the right answer to life's problems in ancient Rome.

Emperor Marcus Aurelius, as played by Richard Harris in Gladiator. I hated Gladiator for the most part, but I loved the emperor and read his 'Meditations' shortly after I saw it. In my mind, Marcus Aurelius is very much a Philosopher King (the ideal ruler envisioned by the Greek philosopher Plato), and I admire him very much for being a thinker and a ruler in equal parts. Dammit, if only there were more men like this around now!

Ah, my beloved *brain explodes* icon, used for all my brainsplodey moments! Comes from the brilliant Aardman Animations series 'Rex the Runt'. I forget exactly why Rex's brain exploded, but my love of claymation told me this was the right moment to immortalize in an icon for those sort of times when you feel like your mind's gone boom.

Manny Calavera, the protagonist of 'Grim Fandango', a computer game from the masterminds behind 'Monkey Island' that didn't take off in the same way MI did. Manny was just a character that I immediately latched on to, because he was kind of a loser with a heart of gold that had a strong sense of right and wrong. And when I had more icon space to fill up, I just knew I had to have one or two of him. As it happens, Manny's also in the wallpaper on my mobile phone at the moment. It seemed appropriate, given that he's Mexican and the Day of the Dead is coming up.

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