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Rick and I spent an hour today going over the second draft of RID (I'm abbrieviating it now because I'm lazy). Last time I was placing too much faith in Josephus. This time, it's the gospels. It's not really intentional on my part (non-Christian sources on the trial and execution of Jesus are fragmentary for the most part), but my section on Pontius Pilate's tenure in Judea needs work. I need to balance out the Pilate of the gospels with Pilate in non-Christian sources where the bias isn't necessarily in Rome's favour. Philo of Alexandria is the best prospect, since he has a bit of a rant about him in his 'On the Embassy to Gaius'.

Most of the other things Rick has pointed out are minor- choice of words, typos, the need to add further references for clarification. I'm still marvelling at the fact that I've written over 10,000 words. And most of it is coherent and makes sense!

And just so this isn't all about my boring academic progress, Extremely pretty hi-res stills of next week's episode of Robin Hood. I still hate facial hair on guys, but Dexter Fletcher is just....guh.

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