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After the last update, I decided to hold off until I got the second draft of Romani Ite Domum finished. The second draft is about thirty seven pages (that's with double line spacing) and 10,500 words long without the introduction or conclusion (both of which I'm drafting tonight). My desk and computer are becoming piled high with library books with very little room for anything else.

One month and I hand it in. Rick said he might be able to give me a verdict on the second draft by Wednesday. If he can, I'll start on a third to have for him by next Monday. I am quite calm about it all, though some of the references are giving me hell (namely the ones involving the Old Testament and Talmud- where does one find Jerusalem Temple purity laws in the Tanakh?!?!).

I took a breather from the Hard Work to watch the first episode of the new series of Robin Hood. I decided to watch it so I'd know what was going on in episode two, which is the one where Dexter Fletcher's sexy German count turns up (unless he's appearing in more episodes after that one, I think I'll wait until next year to watch the remainder of the series).

In terms of anachronisms, this show just keeps getting more and more ridiculous. Convincing prosthetic makeup in the Middle Ages?! WTF? And Sister!Sheriff's bodyguards looked like they were from the SAS. I expect they were probably wearing combat boots to go with the berets, right?

Wasn't nearly enough Merry Men in this episode either. And when they did swoop in to save Robin from Gisborne at the end, it smacked of Deus Ex Machina. It kind of didn't make sense to see them absent from the main plot either. What were they doing while Robin was nancing around in the Sheriff's castle?

More importantly, how did I completely miss that the Harry Lloyd in Doctor Who as Baines is also Will here? He looked so different in Human Nature/Family of Blood, but I thought I still would've picked him as Will!

The good news is that Richard Armitage = Still Teh Sex. And I like the Sister!Sheriff's pit of snakes. Awesome.

And I know that I'm probably the only one, but I wouldn't mind seeing Friar Tuck turn up in this series (there are rumours that he is, right?). Yeah, it's a potential can of worms, but I have a feeling that the writers wouldn't have too much of a problem with the character. They could do some great things with him.


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