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Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet....
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
...was fantastic. As was the football. Yes, an incredibly lopsided game, but a sweet victory for Geelong nontheless. Dad was disappointed that the game was so one sided, but I didn't care because the Cats were in amazing form and a pleasure to watch. I supported them over Port Adelaide (always important to barrack for another Victorian team if your own isn't in the Grand Final) and the atmosphere was electric.

The beauty of AFL football is that it brings people together and you sit next to complete strangers and yet by the end of the math you're analysing the game together and discussing football in general. Where you might otherwise just pass each other in the street without a thought, suddenly there's this expansive common ground. Alas, you don't get this up in Brisbane much, largely because this is rugby league heartland (a football code I couldn't care less about, sorry) and the AFL followers are fewer.

Anyway, enough about sport. Melbourne in itself was a joy to visit. Freezing cold weather, but walking through the Fitzroy gardens again made me so happy. I did find my 'Complete Works of Josephus'. Not second hand, but for a cheap $34 at Readings, by far one of the best bookshop chains in Australia. Unfortunately the chain is based in Melbourne only, but it has the biggest stock supply of Loeb Editions that I've ever seen (always important for Classicists- I died of squee when I saw it!) and I'm quite willing to pay postage in the future in order to get the books up here. Reader's Feast were also quite good for religion and classics texts. I was able to buy Robin Lane-Fox's 'Pagans and Christians' down there, so at last I can give Rick back his copy.

I also went to St Francis' bookshop in Lonsdale St, and bought a text on incorruptible saints that I'd heard about and wanted. I've been thinking that if I get a top result in honours, that I'd like to go on and do a PhD on the significance of relics in Catholic Christianity (something I thought about for honours, but dismissed since there wasn't a lot of scholarship to be found on the topic). I know, way too early to be thinking of this, especially considering that I haven't even written my thesis yet! But it's still a nice thought.

We saw family down there as well. My Aunty Muis and Uncle Menno have a good eye for food, and we had an amazing breakfast with them in a Bridge Rd cafe in Richmond on the morning of the Grand Final. The place was so popular that there were people queueing up outside for tables! We also went to the always divine Brunetti, which have the most amazing cakes and deserts in Melbourne. I never miss a chance to go there.

We had lunch with my Aunty Paula in Wallan yesterday, and then we drove out to Avalon for the flight home. Our flight was horribly late at night, and I didn't get to bed here until after midnight. I'm still quite lethargic now, and have decided to work on my paper at home today and meet with Rick on Wednesday instead. And so off to work I go!

Also? Only negative note is that I was seriously prepared to see an e-mail from Amazon saying that my copy of Hugh Laurie's new book had been shipped when I got back. Instead, the release date's been pushed to late October and one of the posts in the product forum says he hasn't even started writing it yet. Dammit. :/

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From: threeoranges Date: October 1st, 2007 08:53 am (UTC) (Link)
Incorruptibles fascinate me too! Judging from her waxy look St Bernadette has probably been embalmed, but St Theresa...! How I wish I'd had time to see her tomb in Rome this year. (Would I go down and view her corpse for myself, if offered the chance to see with my own eyes whether she was incorrupt or not? Probably.)

I should however hasten to add that I consider incorruptibles proof of an interesting phenomenon in nature, rather than a sign of divine favour. I suspect that it's the storage conditions, but I'd like to know for sure.
normandie_m From: normandie_m Date: October 1st, 2007 01:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
Whereabouts is St. Theresa's tomb? I saw St. Clare when I was in Assisi, though she's been embalmed and the claims of her incorruptibility go back some time. I've heard claims that Pope John XXIII is incorruptible as well (this was a couple of years ago, when he was moved out of his tomb into St. Jerome's altar after John Paul II's passing), but that's definitely the embalming process at work too.

I should however hasten to add that I consider incorruptibles proof of an interesting phenomenon in nature, rather than a sign of divine favour.

I'm inclined to think of incorruptibles in the same way I look at the Marian apparitions- they're not exactly fundamental to the core beliefs in Catholicism and when presented with the choice of take it or leave it, I go with the latter. I'm absolutely fascinated by the reaction that people will have to such phenomenon though, and the accounts that arise out of discovering an incorruptible (many bodies had miraculous properties associated with them in the past, adding weight to the idea of their divine favour).
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