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So now my mp3 player and this journal colour scheme match up.

I caved in and got my new iPod this week. It is the 8GB red nano model I linked a few posts back, and I've christened it Cicero (after Arpinum's favourite son and Grumpy Old Man of the Republic, naturally). It even has a neat little phrase in Latin that I had engraved on the back when I ordered it: 'Musica delenit bestiam feram'. Bonus points if you can translate that. The rest of you can google it and easily find an answer.

And as with the last iPod, I spent a good two to three hours putting all my music on it. That was after I had to figure out why it wouldn't update with the new software in iTunes. Annoying? Yes. But still! I am very happy with Cicero and the shininess of the new model, so here's to hoping it'll last longer than the three years I had the mini.
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