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Why did no one tell me that Joanna Lumley was commentating on the Last Night of Proms?! This makes listening to the whole concert just that bit more awesome.

So! Now I can pass judgment on Simm!Master, and he is fucking marvellous, if I may say so myself. Terrible taste in music (Rogue Traders? Geez, I picked the Master as more of a punk kinda guy), but I don't care. His "PREPARE TO BUST OUT THE FUNK!" moment on the Valiant while releasing the Toclafane was fantastic. And the PHONE SEX WITH TEN OMG. "I like it when you use my name." It is on like Donkey Kong, my friends.

Oh, AND. The Master's gorgeous frock overcoat when he went to meet the President of the United States. I loved that it was lined with red silk! Where does one get a coat like that? Because most black jackets are lined with black silk. Boring!

What completely made this episode however, was all the canon. Finally! Something to induce the New School fans into Old School Who! Silly Time Lord robes! The Seal of Rassilon! Pretty CGI of Gallifrey! Huzzah!

And the Old School meta! LOLed massively at Martha asking if the Master was the Doctor's brother. The jelly babies! UNIT (there always needs to be more UNIT in New School Who)! Also? If the Master is married and making out with his wife, then clearly Time Lords are not asexual beings. ARGUMENT OVER!

Yes, severe overuse of the exclamation point right there. What didn't I like about the episode? Wish there'd been an occasion for Jack to flirt with the Master (just because it would have been hilarious to see the Doctor's reaction). And I thought Lucy Saxon was somewhat underdeveloped (she seemed to spend most of the episode getting turned on whenever the Master did something evil), though we've got next week's episode to rectify that. And while the Master watching Teletubbies was funny for about ten seconds, I'll let that pass because it was a nod to Delgado!Master watching the Clangers in The Sea Devils.

And now to continue listening to the Last Night. It's been good to have a bit of a respite from the paper writing.

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