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Alan Alda's new book arrived today. Yeyz! Definitely reading it enroute to Melbourne in a few weeks.

In bad news, it appears that after three years that my iPod mini is in its death throes. That is to say that the battery is giving out. I could spend $110 on getting the battery replaced, but I'm feeling more inclined to just get a new model (and send the old one down to Sydney for recycling), especially as the mini appears to be well and truly out of production. The new red nano is the most attractive option presently, though I'm going to have to think on it. Could browse to see if it's available cheaper on eBay, but I'm a little wary of shopping for that sort of thing there.

Draft of my paper is nearly done. I shall definitely have it for Rick by Friday, though I'm dreading what sort of response I'm going to get.

And finally, the Daily Show and Colbert Report are finally back after the two week holiday tonight. Thank heavens for that! Going to do some more work on the paper, and then I'm hunkering down in front of the tv.

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