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It's that time of week again!

I suppose that this is supposed to be a two-parter, but as far as two-parters go, it really was shit.

Well, End of Days was shit. Captain Jack Harkness was great on its own. Tosh and Jack in 1941 was fantastic. I really liked the minor power struggle going on between Owen and Ianto as well. Those two really are a pair of fuckwits, but it's oddly satisfying to see them arguing, fighting and exchanging emo.

End of Days really annoyed the crap out of me. And it wasn't just because the Roman soldier who fell through the rift was NOT speaking proper classical Latin (his pronunciation was closer to ecclesiastical). I find it fascinating to see religion tackled in sci-fi, but the scenes of Abaddon crashing through Cardiff were all too Godzilla-like for me to feel impressed/frightened. Similarly, there was something truly ridiculous about the Jack = Sleeping Beauty metaphor. Chris Chibnall really seems to be taking his cues from RTD in terms of dropping in such anvil-sized metaphors into the show.

Likewise, I love John Barrowman, but he really had a poor script to work with. He was at his best in Captain Jack Harkness, and then he gets saddled with some terrible lines and scenes here!

Bilis Manger I liked though. He's sort of like the Torchwood equivalent of the Master, only a little less menacing. At the moment, that is. With a good writer he could make an excellent recurring villain. Better than Weevils, anyway.

Anyway, that was series one. I can't say I'm terribly impressed, but I'm hoping that the poorness of characterisation and writing is down to it being the first series and the writers finding their feet. In the unlikelihood that series two gets shown here (I'm rather certain it won't, considering the poor ratings), I'd watch it. The promise of James Marsters and Martha turning up to work there is a sufficient incentive for me.

Oh, man. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry, but I am unabashedly biased about this episode. There was something wholly wonderful about watching Jack running to the TARDIS (HAHAHA, he had a bag packed and everything!) and then Ten seeing him and being like 'Oh, SHIT! Ex-boyfriend!' and taking off. And JACK. Jack is back to normal! No emo! He's not in charge of anything! He's the old flirtatious Jack! Flirting with alien lab assistants and refugees and Martha and Ten! YAY! Damn, I know it's RTD writing, but this is such a vast improvement on the entire first series of Torchwood. This is the Jack we know and love. :D WTF @ him taking Ten's severed hand with him though. Creepy much?

LOVED the bitching and the moaning between Martha and Jack about the Doctor being such an emotional fuckwit when it comes to companions. Loved the catch up conversation between Ten and Jack.

Plot? Wait, there was one?! I kid. Rather straightforward, I thought. The minor villains (the Futurekind) seemed entirely pointless besides plot advancement. Really, the episode was just entirely about the TARDIS reunion between Ten and Jack and the reintroduction of the Master.

Speaking of which! THE MASTER. I've been pumped for this ever since series one began. I just knew they had to bring him back and do it properly (not like Roberts!Master in the TVM). And it was just so bloody perfect. Just that one sequence where you heard Delgado!Master speaking and Ainley!Master's dark chuckle. Sir DJ only inhabited the role for a short time, but it was great to see him go from the muddled scientist to the cold blooded renegade (and I wouldn't have expected anything less from him). And I loved that Ten was trying so hard to get into the TARDIS and Simm!Master was like 'Whatevs, I'M OUTTA HERE TO CONQUER TEH UNIVERSE!'

I can't pass judgement on Simm!Master yet, though I love that he's so manic. Ooooh, I can't for next week! Here's to hoping the other two parts of this story measure up. Why doesn't RTD write like this more of the time?

That was this week's fandom review. Tune in next week for my review of 'The Sound of Drums' and undoubtedly more squeeing over Johns Simm and Barrowman.

I had a fantastic time at Judi's 21st today at Clontarf today. Redcliffe is mostly foreign territory, but amazingly I didn't get lost getting there (there is hope for met yet, obviously)! A good time was had by all, and I'm so glad that I was able to be there.

And now, back to the studio work.

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