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It's Spring?

We are having just about perfect weather at the moment. It's a little on the cold side, but it is very much Spring weather.

Bought the new issue of Doctor Who magazine because it had John Simm and Derek Jacobi on the cover. There was some nice interviews with Sir DJ and Simm though. I am incredibly shallow like that, you see. And I'm also rather excited about the finale. severa, I know you were discussing the similarity of Yana's outfit to Eight's not so long ago....apparently the costume designers were instructed to 'Hartnell him up'. So it was a bit of a tribute to One then? Perhaps in his old age, the Master is remembering the first incarnation of his ex-boyfriend arch nemesis?

(Yeah, I'll stop with the DW meta now)

I've had something of a case of writer's block for the past week, and instead of writing I've been fine tuning what I've already written (corrections, footnotes, etc.). Went to Rick today and talked about drafting and other little issues and think I managed to get some of my writing mojo back. I've just about completed the first draft (have aimed to send it to Rick for perusal next Friday), and I think my lack of writing has something to do with that. Can't give up now though! At least giving myself a deadline is good incentive to keep working.

Got my haircut this morning. It is now nice and short and manageable. When it gets long enough to need to be tied up or my fringe requires a hairpin to stay out of my eyes, I know it's time to get it cut.

Oh, and for unknown reasons, I totally got a free ride on the buses to uni this morning (think it's something to do with that Smart Card thing they're bringing in). But in the afternoon I had to pay my fare, which was somewhat disappointing. ;p

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