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Word count on paper: 7000 words (yeyz!)

First off: Rumours about Joan Collins as the Rani? Can we move away from the Dynasty actresses please? But seriously, I don't think it'd work. And I just have a feeling that she's not who RTD would cast in the role. To be sure, it's all a load of bollocks made up by the British tabloids, but it's still fun to speculate!

But enough about DW casting rumours. Onto the Serious Review Stuff.

Wow, a Torchwood episode I'm not having a lot of problems with! I put it all down to the guest stars, which seemed to be bringing out the best in the cast. I thought Louise Delemere was fabulous as Lia in No Angels, and she was equally so as Diane here. Diane made Owen less of a jerk than usual and seemed to bring out the better aspects of his character. Pity she couldn't stick around, but then that would defeat the point of the whole plot. Re-appearance in the future plz?

I love that Ianto is still doing all the menial stuff like taking the temporal refugees to the supermarket. LOLZ he's sort of like Jeeves, only not awesome and not played by Stephen Fry.

Speaking of Jack....oh, man. I am just holding out for him on DW like whoa now, because emo!Jack was horrible. I will say that we got a very nice closeup on John Barrowman's hand in the car scene though (I think he's got very sexy hands, always something to admire).

The conclusion with Emma felt like the least satisfactory one. I thought Gwen would've put up more of a fight to keep her in Cardiff, but there you go.

I hear Noel Clarke has written the next episode. Does this bode well? Please tell me it does. Two good episodes in a row would give me some hope for the show.

If you want good New Who, this is definitely pne to go to. I can barely find a flaw in it. Sure, the actors playing the villains got a little hammy here and there, but then most Who villains are like that.

But other than that....what a fantastic little two-parter! David Tennant's performance was a cut above anything I've seen from him in series three thus far. The dual nature of his role really showed his talents (which sometimes get lost in his CAPSLOCK OF RAGE moments).

All the characters got fleshed out very well, even the minor ones like the headmaster. The fate of the Family was a very satisfying one for me, and felt rather like what you see in some Greek myths. There was angst (the good sort of angst, not Billie Piper with mascara tears trailing down her cheeks) and explosions and the whipping out of the glasses and all in all I was rather impressed. WOOT!

Still covetting a fob watch with Gallifreyan engraved on it. Give it time and some expensive film/tv prop company will probably manufacture it for us.


Off to the coast tomorrow to spend the weekend and fulfil my duties as godmother and aunt to William and Ella. I was initially looking forward to a nice weekend with a few beach trips, though this wonderful torrent of rain we're having might stop that. Ah, well.
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