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Bringing out the relevant icon.

Made an appearance at amritsar's birthday party earlier (which was great simply because I finally got to see everyone after what seemed like for-bloody-ever), and then it was home for Who.

Yada yada I reserve judgment on two-parters until I've seen part two yada. But all the same, a really good two parter should be one where at the end of the first part you should be like 'ADKA;LKDJFA!!! I need part two now!'. And that was definitely what this episode was. The pacing seemed a little sluggish, but then a lot of time was spent establishing context here and showing how Ten and Martha's relationship had changed.

The journal and the watch were fantastic plot devices (especially the journal with all the fantastic scribbling and artwork of the previous incarnations). I want a fob watch with Gallifreyan language engraved on it. Where can I get one?

OMG Latimer was the wee kid from Love Actually! Still cute too. I swear when he opened the watch, I heard Don Warrington!Rassilon's voice talking about Time Lords and Gallifrey. Please, SOMEONE TELL ME I DIDN'T MISHEAR, BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE AWESOME IF I WAS RIGHT.

I think I can safely say I'm a Ten/Martha shipper now. Simply because I am angsting over Martha's frustration about the situation and whatnot. I rather like Joan, though I felt that she seemed a little one dimensional despite the backstory. This might improve with part two though.

Fantastic, anyway. A definite marked improvement on 42.

And one more thing that I'm not going to put behind the spoiler cut: MCGANN IS CANON, BITCHES. RESPECT! Preaching to the choir, I know. XD

I'm not, or rather can't wait for part two to air. I'm going to be spending next weekend on the coast with my brother Ben and his family, so I think I'll end up downloading and watching it during the week. I rather fancy Ben won't allow William and Ella to watch DW, and I don't blame him. Forget small children, I still get freaked by some monsters. ;p
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