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My Scarlet Pimpernel soundtrack arrived today! The BBC score that is, which is pretty fabulous. I don't believe it was widely available, so finding it second hand on Amazon was a godsend. I've been listening to it and remembering how much I love the series (which I really should watch again when I have the time).

If anyone wants me to rip the tracks and send it to them, let me know. It's really a beautiful score.

Also, I was browsing EzyDVD a few days ago and found Strictly Sinatra and Backbeat. So I've ordered those too, since I was really looking forward to SS and it never got a release and Backbeat is worth it because it was really teh Ian's break out performance (and it was going for ten dollars, so...).

And on other tv-ish stuff, zeft posted about TV Links earlier. The links for series two of Life on Mars and Rome are unfortunately dead, but a few episodes of Jason Isaacs' BBC miniseries The State Within are there; as is the first season of Dirt, which I feel compelled to see just for teh Ian's acting talent.

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