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You know, with an episode title like this, I was rather hoping for a fun romp. You know, one with more than a few nods to Douglas Adams, humour and adventure and all those great things that make DW a great show. And this didn't exactly fit the bill too well. Still, with Chris Chibnall writing, I wasn't expecting much. His writing for Torchwood isn't exactly stellar.

This episode felt rather like a mix of series one's 'The End of the World' and series two's 'The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit'. The scenario of a real time countdown on a space station crashing into the sun was there, as was the alien possession element and the systematic culling of the supporting characters. The guys possessed by the Sun Monster with the masks felt like a deliberate ripoff of Darth Vader. Did there need to be heavy breathing?

Still, despite the been-there-done-that plot, the further development of Martha, Ten and their relationship worked nicely. I still like that she's not clingy with Ten, and I'm pleased that he's committing to her. Her conversation with the crew member in the escape pod was a very good scene, as was their parting one with the kiss and the dialogue. Surely proof that Martha is awesome no matter who writes her!

Oh, and I don't like Mr Saxon's suited dogsbodies. Surely something a little less anvil-sized could've been done to suggest that Martha's mum is in league with Saxon.

All that said.....wheee, Human Nature next week! Now there's an episode I'm looking forward to!

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