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Only managed to get around to watching this now.

So, Tosh finally gets a story. And while we do see some development in her character, I almost felt that everyone else got fleshed out much more. Owen turns out to be a bigger jerk than we thought, Ianto is still emo over his dead cyber-girlfriend and Jack.....well, we know that he's not giving a lot of himself away. Which is annoying in that I don't think Jack was intended to be the Torchwood equivalent of the Doctor when Steven Moffatt created him.

The story as a whole I didn't like, but there were a number of scenes I liked. The conversation between Tosh and Jack in his office; Gwen, Tosh and Owen in the morgue and especially a few of the pop culture refs. Hee, one of the thoughts that Tosh heard was quite clearly lifted from 'Bridget Jones' Diary'. 'Six cigarettes, all post-coital', for those of you playing at home. Oh, and UNIT reference FTW! Can we graduate to introducing a few UNIT characters next? Maybe the Brig?

Oh, and I can't believe that Mary was Janey Harper. Damn!

I was finally able to get on campus today to collect more sources for 'Romanum Ite Domum' from the library today, and I've arranged a weekly meeting time with Rick. And on a rather sad note, he told me that one of the religion faculty teachers died, Dr Pecenko. Last Wednesday, he suffered what must have been a massive heart attack and died before he could be rushed to hospital.

I had him for Eastern Meditation in my first year (and the Buddhism lecture in the introductory religion course), and almost immediately he struck me as a very zen, laid back guy. He'd always say 'How is life?' when he came into class. I ended up getting my first high distinction for his course, and while I'm still not entirely sure how I pulled it off (mostly because the concepts of Hindu and Buddhist meditation seemed to go straight over my head), he probably had a lot to do with it.

I can't say I knew him well, but the HPRC School has lost an excellent lecturer and academic in the field of Buddhist studies. He'll certainly be missed.

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