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This week's review

I don't have a whole lot either way to say about this episode. It could be because I'm working on my paper right now, but it didn't strike me as exceptionally good or bad, just rather average. It was great to see Mark Gatiss in front of the camera, though I still wish he could be writing an episode for this series (probably would've made a better job of the Dalek two-parter than Helen Raynor did). The monster was pretty scary, except for the head (which just looked kind of out of place). And Ten killing him with a church organ was pretty damn cool.

In terms of shippiness, I thought this was a major episode. The conversation at the end between Ten and Martha seemed very shippy, which I liked. The Ten/Martha ship seems much less insane than Ten/Rose, and Martha's fancying Ten is not all out doe-eyed infatuation like it was with Rose. This episode equally balanced the plot with the continued development of the relationship, and it worked well that way.

Knowing that the Master is Saxon, it's interesting to see all the hints dropped now. Haha, the Master is totally trying to get Martha away from his ex-boyfriend who he wants back the Doctor via her mother. 'Tis very amusing.

Finally, we did not get that awesome extended trailer that the Brits did at the end of this episode. Disappointing, but then the series isn't being interrupted by the Eurovision Song Contest (and thank God for that, because I'd be pissed- it's bad enough when election coverage delays the broadcast!).

Debating whether there's anything I want to see at the Brisbane International Film Festival this year. At the moment, I'm leaning towards seeing Paul Schrader's 'The Walker' since Willem Dafoe's in it. Superficial reason? Yes, but there's a pretty good ensemble cast as well, and I can be guaranteed that Dafoe will put in a committed performance (he's worked with Schrader a few times now, so they obviously work together well).

Now that I think of it, I wouldn't mind seeing 'Snow Cake' either, since it came out last week. It's been a while since I saw Alan Rickman play anyone besides Snape in a film, and that should be rectified. Work eases up this week, so I'll have a little time up my sleeve between the bookshop and uni stuff.

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