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Totally called it.

Torchwood's being shunted to midnight from next Monday. Not that I'm bothered by it since I record it anyway (Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are far more entertaining and worthy of my time at 9:30 on a Monday night), but this is so bloody typical of Channel Ten. With any luck, they might start showing the remaining six episodes two at a time so there'll be a smooth transition from the Torchwood finale to Jack's DW re-appearance in Utopia.

And I severely doubt we'll get series two (which I'm a little more optimistic about, since Martha's going to be hanging around for a few episodes). Oh, The perils of being a overseas-produced show on commercial tv! And being such a Meh show that both the ABC (who by all logic should have picked the show up as the spinoff of Doctor Who) and SBS couldn't be bothered. Oh, well.

In the lack of a serious and meaningful update, I'm posting a YouTube clip. I felt it was time to post a favourite Life on Mars one I found about Gene Hunt. Gene may possibly be my favourite tv cop ever, on account of that he's....well, Gene.

Some of the clips are series two (which I haven't seen yet), but they don't seem terribly spoilery to me, so....

I think the montage of Gene hitting suspects and/or Sam is the most entertaining bit. And "D'you know I once hit a bloke for speaking French?" And that cartoon bit at the beginning! Where's that come from?

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