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Yeah, no actual updates this week, since there's little to tell. It's a bit frustrating to still be working full-time when uni has started, but the money is good and I'm managing to keep my end up with study. After next week, I'll be able to arrange a weekly meeting time with Rick and allocate a few days for study/research in the library.

I've decided against going to Athens at the end of the year. I'd like to go, but at this point I just don't think I'm going to have the time and financial means. So I'm going to keep saving up to go to Japan next year, which is closer and cheaper to travel to. Athens can wait until after my honours is finished.

Anyway. Now for this week's Torchwood and Doctor Who reviews.

The plot? OMGEWWWWWWW. It reminded me of Sin City, especially when Tosh and Ianto were locked in the basement under the house. Except that Sin City had Elijah Wood, who was amazingly creepy and very good (You want people to forget you played a wee cute hobbit? Play a mute psycho cannibal, it'll do the trick every time.) and effective use of the colours black, white and red. To be fair, this plot was incredibly scary and nasty but it felt kind of unsatisfying, given its nature. Nice cinematography in this episode though. Loved the shots of the Welsh countryside.

This show could so be done with Ianto. He's so useless, annoying and based on Cyberwoman, a bit of an emo fuckwit. Incorporate the lackey position into another character plz? He made Jack emo too in this episode! Not good!

I totally do not buy Gwen/Owen either. Myles and Gorman's chemistry is more suited to that of friendly colleagues, they have zilch as would-be illicit lovers. It seemed really OOC for Gwen to go and sleep with him too. I could buy her maybe sleeping with Jack, since she's had more UST and Deep Conversations with him, but definitely not Owen. Not at this point, anyway.

Part two marginally better than part one. I still think that the vast potential for the basic plot elements was still kinda wasted. The Dalek Sec human hybrid was just meh. I don't like the idea of a 'good' Dalek, and the less said about the design of the creature, the better. If it's at all possible, I wouldn't mind seeing Davros turn up in the next Dalek serial. With one Dalek left, maybe it's time their creator showed up by surprise to create a legion or two more.

Ten got a bit shouty in this episode, and it felt like we were back in series two again. The scene when he climbed to the top of the building felt like it'd been nicked from 'The Idiot's Lantern'. And surely a lightning blast like that would have caused Ten to regenerate?

Martha still win though. She's getting a little woobie-ish over Ten, but not in the way Rose was, which is good.

Next episode, Mark Gatiss shows up. Huzzah!


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