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Torchwood/Doctor Who

My mind has just been so completely consumed by Pottermania in the last few days that the Doctor Who fandom has sort of taken a backseat. Daleks in Manhattan ended up being recorded on Saturday night since I didn't want to interrupt my reading. But I watched it earlier along with last week's Torchwood, and here are my spoilery thoughts.

Since this is a two-parter, I can't really pass judgement until I see Evolution of the Daleks. Still, this felt quite a bit like the Doctor Who version of Cyberwoman.

There's so much potential to be had from 1930s New York and the Daleks, but the execution and the Dalek motives were just completely meh. The whole Final Experiment and the breeding was just horribly executed. It really began to look like a b-movie when Dalek Sec grabbed the guy and pulled him into the casing, and when that Dalek hybrid thing walked out, it was a b-movie as far as I was concerned. Dammit, this could have been so good and it wasn't!

Up to that point, everything seemed pretty ok. It was pretty obvious that New York was CGIed into the background (I heard they did location shoots there- why couldn't they just shoot there with the actors?!), but I didn't mind particularly. I love Ten and Martha together, and the characters like Tallulah and Solomon were fleshed out well.

Hope part two is better though. This has been a hiccup in what has otherwise been a pretty good season thus far.

I quite liked the plot for this one, definitely one of the better episodes so far. The fairies make for interesting antagonists and I liked the concept. Also? Totally knew that the fairies were quoting from Yeats.

Based on this episode, I'm not wondering if Torchwood would work better with just the two leads (Jack and Gwen) and not the ensemble cast it has now. The episode focussed on Jack and Gwen in a partnership and it worked well. Myles and Barrowman have nice chemistry together and their characters have been more evenly developed than the others.

I'm still not sure that I find emo!Jack really enjoyable, even though I quite liked his scenes with Estelle in this episode. I want the Captain of the Innuendo Squad back (the flashbacks were quite good too- I'd love to see more of Jack in the past)! Even his chemistry with Ianto seems a bit off, though that might be to do with what happened in the last episode.

The neighbourhood they filmed in looks quite a bit like the one in Fear Her. I suppose there's only so many places you can film in Cardiff. ;p

Began 'Romanum Ite Domum' today. I'm planning on averaging 500 words a day, so by the end of this week I shall have the first section done (which is concerned with foreign powers who occupied Judaea/Palestine prior to Rome- worked on a section about the Maccabean revolt today). A nice, easy goal to work toward, I think. :)

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