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Torchwood 1.4: Cyberwoman

See, the thing is people tuning into the show who haven't heard of DW aren't going to fully appreciate that Torchwood is set after the fallout of the DW series two finale. Still, maybe they're better off because they're not getting the obvious plot holes that come from having a half-finished AU Cyberman in the show (might have made sense if it was Old Skool Cyberman though). Don't even get me started on that awful costume. It looks so painful! But you know, cyber-heels are totally the must-have fashion accessory for next season. *facepalm*

Anway. Enough about bitching over the finer points of canon and onto the actual episode review.

As I was saying: worst episode yet. I was kind of expecting Cyberwoman to be really bad, but not this bad. I cringed when Ianto bent down to kiss Lisa. Never mind the dreadful overacting from Gareth David-Lloyd when Lisa was being disconnected from life support. Ianto seems to have the Tenth Doctor's CAPSLOCK OF EMO RAGE problem and after this episode, I have to say I'm not really liking him that much anymore. Why is Jack going to get involved with this guy?! He is an emotional fuckwit!

The episode had good pace and tension, but the featured villain was really the thing that bought everything crashing down. Not to mention the downright absurdity of Lisa suggesting that her brain could be transplanted into Ianto's head. AND the utter silliness of the Cyberwoman vs. Pterodactyl showdown. Seriously, WHAT THE HELL? I don't mind prehistoric creatures lurking in the Hub and making the odd appearance (kinda like the Smoke Monster and Polar Bears in Lost, I figure) but that was some seriously bad crack right there.

Man, I wish we'd gotten Jack flashbacks to what he was up to during Army of Ghosts/Doomsday. I'm thinking that while Jack is rather good at the team leadership thing, he makes a much better companion. Jack being responsible just seems a little bit wrong, you know? Still, only a matter of weeks until Utopia now.

I am sharing duties at Ithaca for the next three weeks, which means I'm not subjected to the mind-numbing boredom that is nine hours a day in a TAFE student commonroom. Thank God for small mercies, I say. At least I'll have more to do tomorrow at Bracken Ridge.

If I don't update again this week owing to my being busy, a word about the impending release of Wankopalypse 2007 er, Harry Potter the Deathly Hallows: it goes without saying that if you're posting a spoiler-laden review/rant/squee, put it behind a cut. That or expect to get mauled by a bazillion angry fans.

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