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Doctor Who 3.3: Gridlock

What a fantastic episode! Overall, I was entirely impressed. Proof that RTD can turn out good scripts when he feels like it.

Bringing back the Macra was entirely unexpected but very impressive. They seemed rather passive in terms of being the antagonists, but this episode again felt like one more devoted to character development than anything else. Putting separating Ten and Martha really worked, with both articulating their feelings for each other while apart and then being able to talk at the end of the episode.

Good on Martha for being pissed that Ten was taking her to New Earth. I hope we're not getting anymore mention of Rose. It was kept to a minimum here, which I liked. Ten was a bit overly shouty at the beginning of the episode, what with the 'Marthaaaaaa!' and getting his CAPSLOCK OF RAGE on at the street vendors, but Tennant's acting was much better for the rest of the episode. Loved loved LOVED Ten's description of Gallifrey. Beautiful!

The Face of Boe? MOST PREDICTABLE PROPHECY EVER. People were totally calling the 'You are not alone' line straight after New Earth. Still, what else could we expect? We all want another Time Lord, and I'm horribly excited about the return of the Master.

The supporting characters were quite good. I wasn't really expecting a lot from Ardal O'Hanlon, but he was quite good. And the KITTENS. I am a sucker for a wee cute kitty, never mind the crossbreeding weirdness. I clearly need a Ten/Kitten icon now.

The pop culture refs in this ep worked, unlike those in The Shakespeare Code. LOVED that the Doctor got his coat from Janis Joplin. XD The use of the old hymns was great, and the whole idea of being stuck in traffic hugely entertaining. All in all, my favourite episode thus far. Let's see if that changes at all!


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