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Live Earth/Torchwood

Live Earth was fantastic!

I'm not sure if I can list all the things I enjoyed, but Crowded House was probably the best thing about it all. I only really got into CH music after their split, so I'm very happy that I got to see them live and in concert. It was great. Everyone sang along. XD

Jack Johnson was also a highlight. I'm not sure why they had him onstage in the evening....his music is kind of late afternoon relaxing music. Again, everyone sang along. He needs to come back and perform at Woodford though. The smaller venue would suit him.

Toni Collette and Missy Higgins were very good and I'm glad I got to see both (Collette just has the most beautiful voice). Jessamy, I totally saw Helena onstage accompanying Missy on cello. We Stuartholme girls certainly go places. :D

It's good to be back, anyway. Sydney is frightfully cold and crowded, and I don't know how people live down there. ;p

Haven't had time to watch Doctor Who yet, but I have watched last week's Torchwood.

The plot I really can't say much about. It was pretty good, though again the script wasn't exactly terrific and let down the actors and the whole concept.

I liked Jack's fobwatch, even though it seems to have come from nowhere. I still find him quite flat here in comparison to the character he was in Doctor Who. The scene between him and Gwen on the shooting range was a slight improvement, though it was obviously put in there so we could see UST (I think it might have fitted in better with either of the first to episodes). To be fair, John Barrowman is awfully sexy and even if the script quality isn't great, he's still got this fantastic screen presence. You can't take your eyes off him and you've got to wonder why he hasn't been more of a public success until now.

Gwen: Where do you sleep?
Jack: I don't.

I know this is meant to be a line about the mysteriousness of Jack and the complexities of his character, but if this was in DW, it'd obviously be taken the other way. Bleh. I wish Steven Moffatt had creative control over this series rather than RTD. Jack was his creation and he should be the one to write him, or at least have some control of scripts and stuff. The ending conversation with Gwen was awfully corny and I wish it had been cut out.

Gwen is being developed fairly evenly, though all this 'chemistry' she's having with just about the entire main cast is a little annoying. The Look she gave Owen was meant to be a Dramatic Moment, but I laughed. Perhaps because I know they're going to shag at some point. I liked her looking at the moments of her relationship with Rhys.

Owen is still bothering me. I can understand why he was affected so much by the machine, but the shift in his character in this episode was just so dramatic. I wish it could be something more gradual. I'm looking for a complex and interesting character and I've only seen the extremes. Still, Burn Gorman can act, I'll give him that much (the conversation with Toshiko in the pub wasn't too bad). Also? That fun-ish music that went over Owen's chase of Harris? Kind of out of place. Rare misstep scene-wise for Murray Gold (if you don't count how his music is really overused in DW).

Ianto doesn't seem to be in the show a whole lot, and when he is, he's like a human search engine there for the characters to use when they're wondering about little questions that are vital to the case. Still, next week's episode looks like he's going to have a bit more of the spotlight. Still not seeing much development of Toshiko either. Will there be an episode for her character development too?

On a final note....THAT was Gareth Thomas? Damn, I can't believe that was the same guy who played Blake.

Next week's episode looks a little silly. At least concerning the half-Cyberwoman thing. The logic is a little flawed there if you're going to consider Cybermen in the Torchwood/New Who setting.


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