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My thesis proposal is more or less finished. The penultimate draft was 2700 words, but after taking into account the feedback from my peers, it's sitting on a nice 3100 words now.

So, I hand it in tomorrow, and then I'm on holidays. Not that it'll be much of a holiday, as I'm going to spend the the best part of it reading for my independent studies unit paper (which I have decided to call Romanum Ite Domum- appropriate LJ icon forthcoming!), save for probably the one weekend I take off to read Harry Potter 7 when it comes out (obviously). At 10,000 words, I'm setting a goal of 500 words a day on the paper, which means I should have the first half of the semester to draft it, and then the second half to edit and re-write sections in accordance with Rick's feedback.

Being a part-time student is very enjoyable, and I doubt I could've done this semester full-time. Sure, I can no longer get discount on bus or movie tickets, but that's a small price to pay for feeling quite stress-free for the semester.

And before I end this entry, I feel obliged to say something about Life on Mars, because it's brilliant. The music is terrific, and if there's a soundtrack, I'm getting it (or downloading it). Sam and Gene are pure win, in that their version of makeup sex appears to be makeup fighting. I think there must be a story behind Sam's medallion too (any theories on that, severa? I have been reading your excellent Slasher's Guide throughout the series!).
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