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Last class/Trivia night

Carried off my presentation yesterday with minimal problems. My pretty powerpoint presentation seemed to distract sufficiently from my poor oratory skills. The common point in the feedback I've received about my thesis proposal is that I'm still tackling too big a topic. Still, there's now six months until I begin writing the actual thesis, and I daresay that the topic will continue to evolve over that time, based on my reading of primary and secondary sources.

So, next week: edit proposal in accordance with feedback, get Rick to look at revised draft, start gathering books to read over the break for my independent studies unit. Oh, and attend Tom's Pater Patriae lecture!

Had a smashing time at the trivia night. Mind you, there were only about ten people there (Steven said that more people RSVPed than actually turned up), and for the first hour, only five. So the pizza was consumed and then when a few postgrads turned up, the quizzing began with two teams competing. It was close, but my team (Stephanie the Elder, Lesley, Adam, Tara and myself) ended up triumphing over Steven and his team of postgrads. Libby, the DW questions were certainly appreciated (When Daniel asked who the Seventh Doctor was, the other team were like 'WTF?' and I was like 'OMG SYLVESTER MCCOY FTW!') and you should know that Daniel was accepting $2 bribes to give bonus question answers. XD

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