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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

I have to apologize, Libby. I got an offer to go and see it this morning, and I took it. Still, I'm determined to drag you to this. Mainly because Lord Beckett's Napoleon complex and accompanying tea fetish.

I ended up buying my ticket online this morning just with the thought of 'Oh, I probably don't need to, but if the session does sell out...'

Yah, it sold out. The cinema was friggin' packed, and the line for tickets was all the way down the street. I'm glad I did that now. Must remember to pre-book for Harry Potter too.

All that said and done, I walked out feeling equally pissed off, impressed and a little 'WHAT WAS THAT?'. Orlando Bloom wasn't kidding when he said he wasn't sure what was going on in the film, most of the time I was pretty confused myself. There was sure a lot going on plot-wise, perhaps a little too much.

It felt a bit like Jack wasn't particularly significant in this film beyond his value to plot advancement. In fact, sometimes I was thinking that Barbossa seemed like more of the hero of this piece. Which I didn't mind particularly, as I love Geoffrey Rush and he was in fine form. Still, there was some fantastic acting from Johnny Depp. Jack seems to have a case of teh crazy and the hallucinations where he interacts with the other Jacks (and the shoulder angel/devil Jacks) are very funny. CLONE!JACK/GOAT OTP

Felt disappointed in the Calypso part of the storyline. I was expecting something much cooler than Tia Dalma turning into a giant and then collapsing into a mass of crabs. Something incorporeal, in CGI, something pretty! Turn her into a sea nymph! But then, my view of goddesses is a very Greco-Roman one, and that was obviously what I wasn't going to get here.

All that said, the CGI in this film was great. Particularly those pebble crabs that Jack encountered. And of course, Davy Jones and his crew still all looked gruesome and freaky. human!Jones was nice to see though, and the crew after Will became captain of the Dutchman. I thought that was a neat twist btw, because it was a happy ending, only not quite. I got tipped off to stay after the credits and that scene kinda completed things. Still, after ten years, I would've thought Elizabeth would've aged a bit more and looked like a mother rather than like she was still in her early twenties. -_-; On that note, acting from Bloom and Keira Knightley was more or less consistent with the first two films. I covet Elizabeth's pretty eastern-inspired clothing. Got a bit of a fetish for the gorgeous embroidery and buttons there.

Most of my beef with the film arises from....yep, you guessed it: Norrington and the Navy. Norrington was in the film for what, ten, fifteen minutes?! SERIOUSLY, WTF? It's a three hour movie and that's it? I guessed that James might be killed off, mainly because they couldn't kill off the three leads, but I was still hoping that he might be spared that fate. Nope. That said, for me it was a befitting death scene in that he showed his loyalty to Elizabeth and that he wasn't afraid of death. Related to that, I wish they could have explained why the heck Bootstrap Bill had amnesia and went crazy there for a while.

Oh, and those Navy EITC uniforms were seriously ugly. Or rather, the mustard accents on them were awful.

Bleh, I wished Mullroy and Murtogg had stayed Marines and not gone pirate. Yeah, I know it's meant to be funny, but still. Bah. Tom Hollander was hilarious as ever as Beckett. Seriously, I love Beckett. He spent the whole film playing toy soldiers, drinking tea and not getting alarmed about anything, EVEN WHILE HIS SHIP WAS BEING BLOWN TO BITS. Oh, and that portrait? Yeah, still got a serious Napoleon complex there. I laughed when Jack tried to emulate his pose.

Being annoyed about Norrington's being killed off however, I was really pissed that they killed off Governor Swann too. There was no need for that! GAH!

Ah, well. Norrington isn't dead, you know. He mysteriously turned up unconscious in a Singapore bathhouse muttering about Calypso and Lieutenant Groves (who lived after the Endeavour got smashed to bits) is looking after him. At least in my mind, that's how it works out. ;p

Seeing all the pirate lords was amusing. Especially that EFFETE FRENCH ONE, HAHAHA. He picked a fight with the Spanish pirate lord. Typical! What I found really, truly awesome is that the Turkish pirate lord (Armand? Amand?) was played by the Syrian actor Ghassan Massoud, who played Saladin in Kingdom of Heaven (and was one of the best things about that film). I also have to say, for what was a cameo, Keith Richards was pretty damn cool as Daddy Sparrow Captain Teague. I was impressed.

And....I'm out of things to say for the moment.


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