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Reunion/Life on Mars

First off though, I have my tickets for Live Earth in July. I can't wait! I have no time to go to concerts for the most part, but I'm so glad to be able to go to this one. And hopefully this trip to Sydney will be better than the last one.

My class reunion was great fun. I am, however, struck by how few girls were there. My graduating class was the biggest one Stuartholme had in years, and yet I guessed that only a third of us turned up. It disappoints me a little, but perhaps there'll be more girls at the ten year reunion. In any event, the ones that did come I was very happy to see, and their concern for me was appreciated. After this week, seeing those that were with me when I was all angsty and emotional in high school was just.....really, really enjoyable. I really should keep in touch with everyone more. Whether I make good on that is anyone's guess though, since I've been so lousy at it in the past.

There might be photos of the reunion later. I, being the silly forgetful person I am, forgot to bring a camera. But there were photographs being taken, so I'll try and get them to post here.

Series one of Life on Mars premiered tonight, and I am happy to say that I completely get why everyone loves this show. My God, the soundtrack! And Sam and Gene are fabulous and obviously attracted to each other. My favourite scene is a tie between Sam's first moments in 1973 and the neighbourhood doorknocking with Gene threatening the kids. It was just perfect tv. Everything fell into place right.

I want to stay up for Richard Dawkins' doco on Compass, but I'm not sure I'm prepared to listen to Dawkins' views on religion (I usually need a stiff drink to listen to that kind of rhetoric objectively- and as a scholar, I am prepared to admit my bias here) or the religious crazies fundamentalists he's interviewing tonight.

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