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This may be of interest to a couple of people on the flist.

Spielberg, Jackson to make Tintin film trilogy.

My whole family are Tintin fans. When my dad was growing up in Holland, he read the Tintin comics, and Maryke and I read them when we were growing up. My Opa even wrote to the writer/artist Herge, mentioned that his youngest son (my uncle) Peter was a fan, and in return got this beautiful drawing of the characters that now hangs in Peter's house.

My sister was buried in her Tintin t-shirt. My God, she would have loved to see these movies. Me, I hope that it matches the comics and the great animated series that I remember watching as a child.

I came to uni for only a few hours today. I put together the critique for the student giving his presentation, spoke to Rick and Roxanne, had lunch with Libby and went home. I could've stayed for class, but I'm glad I didn't. I wouldn't have felt like contributing to discussion.

The visit to the boarding house tonight went well. Ashley and I talked to Ms. Drake for a while, and I think I'll probably get in touch with her at a later time to discuss things further.

In the hazy recesses of my mind earlier today, I remembered that Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is out in a week. I'm not sure if I'll see it on the weekend it opens, but I want to. A little Jack Davenport did no one any harm, after all. :)

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