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The funeral.

Maryke's funeral was originally going to be a very low-key affair out in the country. And I guess it still was in a way, but a lot of people turned up. And why not? I wanted to say 'Look at all these people who cared about you!'.

My father said a few words, as did Maryke's friends Ashley and Maddie. Dad had asked me whether I wanted to say anything, but I couldn't. It was difficult enough addressing the teachers at Stuartholme, let alone my own family and friends. What was said was just perfect, though. Elliott Smith was played while her coffin was being lowered into the ground, and that brought the proceedings to a close. It was a short, no-frills affair. And that's how my sister would have liked it.

The wake, appropriately enough for my sister, was at a pub. I confess that I hate beer (more of a brandy and vodka fan myself), but in honour of Maryke, I had a bottle of Tooheys Extra Dry. I talked to so many people again today. I really am running out of things to say now, and after today, I'm ready to move on with life. Driving away from the cemetery, I felt sad that we were physically leaving my sister behind. But then she is in good company, since our maternal grandparents and great-grandparents are there too.

I rang Rick yesterday and told him the news. He told me that he would explain to Roxanne and pretty much ordered me not to do my assessment this week. I feel a bit bad about that, but then I've barely done any work on putting together a powerpoint presentation. The most I can do tomorrow is maybe put together the critique for the other student and give that to Roxanne to give to him. I feel bad that I can't do it, but we've had a constant stream of visitors and my aunt staying here, and until now I really haven't had a moment to myself besides at this hour.

Regardless though, I plan on going in tomorrow, even if it's just for a couple of hours. I just would really like to talk to Rick, speak to Roxanne and maybe see my friends in the classics department. Tomorrow night I'm going to Stuartholme again, to see the boarding mistress that Maryke and I shared.

From now on, things will get easier.

On a final note though, I'm posting one of my sister's very favourite tv ads, for Tooheys Extra Dry. It's a fairly recent one, but she loved it. Despite being ashamed of liking the Tom Jones song that accompanies it. :)


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