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Just RSVPed to my alma mater's five year class reunion. I wouldn't have even known it was going on if it wasn't for Jannike e-mailing me about it (surely, a testament to how terrible/lazy I am at keeping in touch with my old classmates and the goings-on at Stuartholme). It's on the 20th, which is good, because by then I shall hopefully be much less stressed and have most of my assessment out of the way (save for putting the finishing touches on my thesis proposal).

And now, back to that proposal. Rick's given me feedback on my bibliography assignment drafts, so I intend to finalize those and get the comparative essay draft to him by this evening. The proposal draft was going to be given to him tomorrow, but most of it is still in my notebook and so it'll probably end up being sent on the weekend.

In other news, my USB died at the worst time possible (it had several articles and some assignment bits and pieces on it that were kinda important). Still, I suppose it gives me the chance to get one of those nice big 1 GB ones now.

I'll say it again: I'm going to be so glad when May's over.

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