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Two weeks and counting.

To do this week:

*Draft annotated bibliography
*Draft thesis proposal
*Complete comparative essay draft

I'm feeling just a bit pleased with myself, as I finished compiling the 80 required sources for the substantial bibliography and e-mailed it off to Rick. Also chose the other methodology I'm going to compare with mine and thus can polish off the comparative essay.

I'm going to need a stiff drink after the 10th of May, considering that nearly everything's due that day. GAH. I'm going to see 'Trojan Women' with Amy on Sunday the 13th. I'm hoping I can justify that afternoon break from study stuff. Still, after the 10th, the largest of my worries is preparing the presentation and assessing the other students' work.

Going to be so glad when this semester's over. I have a 10,000 word mini-thesis and no classes next semester, which is looking very attractive at the moment.
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