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Thanks to everyone who sent birthday greetings (here or otherwise). 22 is not quite as special as 21, but I had a very enjoyable day nonthless. Well, as enjoyable as it could be. I did see the day out with a great dinner out and a glass of cognac, which was marvellous.

I got some nice gifts too. There was a lovely photo album from Libby (and having learned how to use our photo printer now, I can finally print out some photos from my trip and put them in there), Jon Stewart's book from Amy, Chanel perfume and even though I paid for them myself, my Amazon (Peter O'Toole's book) and Ezy DVD (Tristram Shandy) orders arrived yesterday, which was good timing.

In somewhat related news, I share my birthday with my supervisor Rick, so I bought him a box of Cadbury Roses that I gave to him on Thursday. We discussed bibliography stuff this week, since I'm compiling mine (have got about half of the minimum 80 sources required for it), and he came to my lecture in the afternoon to speak to the students doing early Christianity-themed topics. I discussed my use of the historical critical method, and Rick gave it a rather thorough critique. I admit, you have to be extremely careful when it comes to applying historical criticism to the bible (or any ancient text for that matter), but I'm confident that I can do it. It was helpfully pointed out to me that postmodernism had ensured that I could find loopholes to justify the method. The other two students studying early Christianity were also using that method, and so there was very beneficial discussion about its pros and cons that I can use for the essay.

Speaking of which! The good news I got on my birthday was that Roxanne's decided to push the due date for the essay two weeks forward to May 10 (this is because the other supervisors still have to come in and critique their students methodologies). Taking into consideration that my thesis proposal and bibliography assignments have to be in on that same day, I hope to have it completed earlier, but it's at least offered me some leeway and time to look at the methods of other students.

And on that note, I had better do some more work on all that stuff. May is crunch time for me, and I am very much looking forward to June 1st, when most of it will be over.


OMG I just saw the Life on Mars promo that Libby mentioned! Yay!!!! Finally I'll get to see what severa is on about with the LoM Slasher's Guide! *cheers*

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