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A Palm Sunday ramble - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
A Palm Sunday ramble
I nearly forgot it was Palm Sunday today. Came into church and it looked like a bloody jungle. Got over my initial shock to pick up a frond for the procession and one of the nice old ladies who works there thrust some songsheets and told me to hand 'em out to everybody.
That said though, high masses like that are impressive to watch. Our Archbishop is very likeable and has a very powerful presence when he presides. Today he talked about the resurrection and those sorta things you talk about at Easter. Our churches have been quiet lately, cause our Governor General, an Anglican Archbishop, is in trouble for covering up sex-abuse claims in his church, and seeing as us Catholics are under fire quite a bit too, we've been keeping silent.
But while he was talking, I did think about what it was like when Jesus was crucified. And somehow, I don't think some things have changed. I mean, with what's happening over in the middle east at the moment, it seems Israel is still as messed-up as it was in Biblical times. A battle over who controls it. Israelites versus Palestinians. Jews versus Muslims. Sharon versus Arafat. You get the idea. Persecution, needless death. It's terrible, and I wish something could be done. Can't the UN step in and do something?

Ok, end of rant/ramble. Back to the mass report.....

It's times like this that I look forward to going to the Vatican at the end of the year more than anything. There's something mysterious and wonderful about the high mass. The incense, the rituals, the Archbishop in his red vestments, carrying that impressive-looking staff, the ruby-studded cross with the relic inside....I like the fact that there's a mystery about our church's mass. It's almost beautiful, in a way.....and that's why I can't wait to go to the Vatican.

Ok, done for writing. Probably post again later this afternoon, after I've done some writing on my fics.

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