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Quizzes and some other bits and pieces - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Quizzes and some other bits and pieces

I'm the Celebration Gown!

Which Queen Amidala Gown Are You?Quiz made by dorkkitty

Amidala's wardrobe in Ep.1 was ugly, period. That was one of the better gowns though. My favourite of all her costumes was the lake dress worn in Episode 2. So pretty and floaty. :-)

Which Musical Heroine are You? by blusteryvirgin

Anna Leonowens is ladylike and has perfect ettiquette, but she knows what's right and is not afraid to fight for it. She is carefree and spends lots of time with children, although she can be patronizing. She likes things to be orderly, but she is very romantic and idealistic.

Ah, Anna. Not my most favourite musical, but I enjoyed it. I don't understand why I didn't get Satine though.....

i'm Cherry flavoured!

The Vague But Nice Quiz by blusteryvirgin

Scarlett O'Hara?! Urgh, I didn't really like her that much.....total drama Queen. Then again, I suppose some of my friends would second that notion. *hangs head in shame*

Which Season are you?

Ah, Spring. Undoubtedly my favourite season. Everything good happens to me in Spring.

I'm going to see Derek Jacobi in The Hollow Crown next week! *squeal* I'm so excited! I just hope I don't act like the 17-year old I am while he's up on stage.

What else.....I am really head-over-heels for Richard E. Grant at the moment. I got the Scarlet Pimpernel on video, and it's so wonderful and romantic. I love English spies *sigh*. Percy Blakeney is too cool for words. Is there anyone else who can be witty, charming, handsome, romantic and save lives at the same time? (Don't answer that).

The Richard Yahoo Group I'm a part of sent a questionaire to Richard recently (as the list owner is friends with him or something like that) and I sent in two questions and he answered them!

1.I don't know how much you've worked with him (I know you did a cameo in his film Strictly Sinatra), but what is it like working with Ian Hart on The Hound of the Baskervilles?

Fantastic man. Very funny and speaks faster than scouse sound. Very politically motivated and does not suffer being messed around with by anyone. He is very versatile and chameleon like. I have known him for some years and would drop anything to work with him again.

2.I also understand you're writing (or maybe you've finished?) Wah Wah. As a young budding writer who's in the middle of writing a screenplay (with a part in mind for you of course ;-)), do you have any advice to give?

Story story story. Be utterly ruthless with yourself. If you think there are any "woolly" bits, cut them out, 'cos if you don't, any experienced script reader will pounce on them pronto presto, leaving great holes in your precious work. Save the agony by doing as much "pruning" as you can yourself.

Don't you just love him? Ah, he's so wonderful and cool for answering my questions. And for those curious, I am writing a screenplay, it's just kinda on hiatus at the moment while I take care of more important matters.

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