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Study music, etc.

I've discovered that listening to Handel's oratorios helps me study. I've been listening to bits and pieces from the Messiah and Solomon since the semester began and found them quite good for kickstarting my academic muse into action.

At present I'm attempt to construct a one-page set of bullet points on my research methodology. This was supposed to be for next week (to go with the 1000 word comparative essay), but Roxanne changed her mind and decided that since Rick was coming to speak to the honours students doing Christianity-related topics (there are four of us) this week, it would be better to bring it in then.

I'm mildly annoyed about the situation, not so much about the one page summary (it's not difficult to do a page on the basics of biblical/literary/historical criticism) but that we're supposed to talk for ten minutes about it too. I generally suck at public speaking, and have a known tendency to pace while doing it with little or no eye contact with the audience. Which might be why I reconsidered a future in university lecturing in favour of perhaps becoming a librarian (working as a Latinist in the Vatican would be the ultimate job for me, but is too far out of reach to be realistic), where such occurances are not frequent. But I digress! Ten minutes isn't a long time to speak I suppose, but knowing me, I'll reduce my ten minute discussion to five minutes with the speed at which I speak.

But all this is moot, because Roxanne isn't grading it, which is a great source of relief for me (except for the part where my thesis proposal assignment has a oral presentation mark as well. DAMMIT.) In any event, the sooner it's out of the way, the better. It's my birthday on Friday, and I hope to have at least two days to celebrate it stress-free before cracking on with the thesis proposal and annotated bibliography assignments that are coming up.

The one joy for the day is that my series one Hotel Babylon dvd arrived. I have no time to watch it of course, but that I have it is a cause for great squeeing anyway. Huzzah!

Oh! And Robin Hood was brilliant. Loved the Sheriff and Guy of Gisborne and Much (Sam Troughton has his grandad's wonderfully expressive eyebrows). And the music! And all the swashbuckling! I'm definitely going to keep watching it. :D

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