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Hotel Babylon Series two, episode seven - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet....
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Hotel Babylon Series two, episode seven

After last week's superb episode, this one wasn't going to be anywhere near as good. But I still enjoyed it. Naturally the subplots that involved Tony and James were the ones that really had my attention and were the most entertaining. I was quite surprised how quickly downhill Charlie/Rebecca went. Oh, dear. Still, with one episode left and Tamzin leaving, the relationship couldn't have gone very far.

Anyway, time for the screencap episode rundown. There's a recap of the relevant bits from the last episode, namely Charlie and Rebecca making out and being discovered by Jackie, and Tony getting one of Gino's filched rare cognacs from Charlie.

In the opening montage, Tony gets chewed out by the more conservative guests over his tickets to the rather raunchy Chicago.

Gino contemplates his parents' wedding photo. This photo turns up later in the episode too, as part of the subplot Gino's in.

Charlie and Rebecca run into each other in the lobby and begin to have a conversation when Charlie quickly clues in to Anna's eavesdropping.

So they take it into the conferance room, where both dither awkwardly about the night before for a few moments before deciding that it's just better if they get it on on the desk....

...until Jackie and everyone else comes in shortly after for the morning staff meeting, that is.

I would still totally buy Tony and Jackie at this point. I love the way she's looking at him there.

...Yeah, they'd be great together.

But getting back to the plot, James is getting teased because Mrs Klein, a Juicy Widow (who James may or may not have an ongoing flirtation with) is coming to the hotel with some rare and expensive wine to sell. Tony does a bad French accent and everyone has a laugh at James' expense.

Yep, totally doing it. She ditched the potwasher for him. We'll forget he's happily married for a moment.

Gino's rather pissed about losing the expensive cognac to one of the staff (he is naturally unaware that it's Tony who's got it), so he bans the staff from getting freebie drinks, much to Anna and Tony's chagrin. Anna tries whimpering like a puppy. It doesn't work.

I rather like this shot of Rebecca and Charlie behind the curtain like that. They're discussing whether or not Jackie's told anyone about the night before. And they talk a bit more and agree to have dinner and see where things go.

You'll have noticed this guy lurking about in a meaningful way. Meet Charlie's little brother Dan. I was hoping for more of a familial resemblance, but the only thing they have in common is the Northern accent *resists urge to go into a Dead Ringers!Christopher Eccleston 'I am the North! But I don' like to gowan 'bout it' moment* Anyway, Dan needs to hide out for a bit, so Charlie gets him in a vacant room in the hotel and makes up an excuse to Anna about Jackie saying the room needed maintenance. BIG MISTAKE.

James' arch-rival turns up to compete for purchasing Mrs Klein's wine. James is all -_-;; and clearly doesn't want to compete with this guy.

Charlie awkwardly discusses The Night Before with Jackie. She hasn't said anything but is curious about whether he's going to date Rebecca. Charlie tells her it was a one-off liason (oooh, the liar!).

Mrs Klein arrives and James and his posh rival clamour for her attention. Jerry Hall is fabulous, I have to say. Sort of like an honourary Brit after dating Ferry and being married to Jagger for so long.

Anna and Ben mock James behind her back.

Is that Gino flirting with Tanya? Certainly wouldn't be a boring subplot if they decided to do something with it.

While retrieving a bottle of wine for James, spooky stuff happens to Gino in the cellar.

Anna asks Jackie about the room that Charlie said needed maintenance. Jackie knows nothing of it. After Charlie being evasive over it, she goes up to look, and is found by the brothers. Charlie's forced to give a glossed-over version of events, leaving out the bit where cops came to ask Charlie about a forgery ring his brother was suspected of having a part in.

Things are further complicated when Charlie's forced to move Dan out after Anna books guests in there. And then when they're both hiding in the storage cupboard, Rebecca nips in and decides to have an impromptou snog and chat with Charlie while his brother watches hidden. Charlie has to bail out of dinner with her that night, but promises to do it tomorrow night.

Further ominous stuff happens when Gino opens his locker to a mess....and his parents' wedding photo hung upside down, which is Not A Good Thing. I love that he's got a postcard of Carrie (from ep 5) in there. Good continuity.

When Tony and Anna conveniently show up, Gino explains the strange happenings. When he goes to leave, Tony launches into a ghost story about the ghost of a concierge who punishes staff who aren't generous to other staff. Coincidence?

Meanwhile, Jackie secures a vacant room for Dan. And flirts heavily with Charlie over his special lasagnes and new aftershave. It's getting rather complicated for him, isn't it?

Ben goes to apologize for teasing James and finds him in the cellar frantically tasting wine for the competition he's been forced into against his posh rival for the rare wine. He's doubtful about winning.

When Ben asks why, the awful truth comes out: James cheated to win his previous wine-tasting competition and actually has a terrible nose for wine. Oh noes! The bottle in his hand there is the only wine he knows off by heart in terms of scent and taste.

But then Ben reveals a hidden talent: he has a very good nose for wine and can guess a country/vintage without seeing the bottle. Huzzah! He agrees to help James win the competition by acting as his wine-pourer.

Charlie has dinner with his brother in the hotel room, they bond over alcohol and Charlie ends up overnighting.

Despite the good night, Charlie comes down in the morning to find the cops he was questioned by earlier having breakfast with Rebecca and is forced to again lie and say he hasn't seen his brother (who is now implicated in the murder of his partner in crime). Charlie later explains to Rebecca about his brother and again they agree to have dinner that night.

Ben and James prepare for the wine tasting competition. Ben's developed a series of visual cues for showing where the wine comes from and James isn't quite remembering them. On the Australian sign, he says "Well she's hardly going to bring wine from a country where everyone's father is a convict!" Oh snap (says she who might have a convict in the maternal bloodline)!

Charlie confronts his brother and more or less tells him to get out of the hotel. After a bit more conflict and angst, Charlie reluctantly agrees to help his brother get a fake passport to get out of the country and escape authorities and the British mobsters who are after him.

Gino goes into the cellar and more ominous things happen. There's also flickering lights and eerily familiar evil laughter. 207 turns out to be the room the concierge ghost died in.

Later, Tony explains to Gino that in order to make peace with the concierge ghost, he has to go to room 207 and apologize for not giving the staff free drinks.

James and his rival meet in the lobby with Mrs Klein for the competition. Ben manages to get the mystery wine bottles and pulls rank in order to set things up in Rebecca's office.

Jackie finds out about Dan after the police question her. She comforts Charlie and offers to help him with his brother.

Ben prepares the wine and tastes all the wine for James before the others come in.

Gino goes to pray for forgiveness from the concierge ghost in 207. And hears a mysterious snickering noise.

And obviously, it's Tony and Anna hiding out in the wardrobe.

Fortunately, Gino cottons onto this fairly quickly and starts joking.

And mentions that Anna told him that she thinks Tony's handsome and fancies him. Which makes things a little awkward in that wardrobe there. Anna steadfastly denies it.

The two British mobsters after Dan question Charlie about his whereabouts. Charlie gives them the same line he gave the cops and they leave. Tony comes to his rescue by giving him contact info for a girl who does fake passports.

Ahaha. James makes an entrance.

He and Posh Rival face off, and Charlie narrates about the difficulties of tasting wine blind.

There's a tie, so Mrs Klein brings out a wine she's kept just in case.

Ben is nervous, but after tasting it, James is completely and utterly confident. Why? Because it's his failsafe wine, of course. I saw it coming from a mile off.

And we have a winner!

Tony's passport girl rolls up. Charlie keeps it all brief.

Of course by now, Rebecca's well aware that something bad's afoot. Charlie doesn't breathe a word, but the two decide not to pursue a relationship.

Charlie gives Dan the passport and some money for Prague. He manages to get out just before the police storm his hotel room. The end of this episode leaves it unclear whether Charlie's in trouble for helping his brother. But they didn't find Dan, so it might mean that he got away with it?

Gino puts something foul-tasting in Tony and Anna's drinks as revenge for their prank.

And James delivers his prize to Rebecca.

Who is a little upset about her lost opportunity with Charlie.

James gives Ben a token of appreciation for helping him with winning.

And finally Mrs Klein bids farewell to James and rather blatantly checks him out. Of course, I would too if I were in that position. *cough*

The next episode looks rather ominous. Especially Anna with the blonde wig and the blue contacts. Not a good look. I'm not too keen on the idea of Tony resigning either. Don't do it!

One episode to go. :( I hope there'll be a third series.

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