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Poking around at uni presently. Today's fun task was photocopying nine copies of a 15-page article for my research methodology class this afternoon. The course profile specified that the photocopying should be double-sided, but the official honours photocopier in Michie wasn't yielding anything of the sort. Weirdly enough, it wasn't asking for a code either, so I've just printed a helluva lot of stuff for free. I'm quite certain that this wasn't supposed to happen, but then I'm not going to be photocopying a whole lot, so it doesn't matter, particularly.

Rick and I discussed the finer points of the approach to research for my thesis today, largely centered around historical-critical/literary approach. I'm feeling a little out of my depth here, but I have all of next week to consider my approach, as well as get a start on the annotated bibliography and 1000 word essay that accompanies the article. I'm determined to get some serious work done before my birthday, so I can justify having the day to enjoy stress-free.

Got to see the first two eps of Brotherhood the other night. It's a lot like The Sopranos, except with Irish mafia and a much more drama-oriented setup. Jason Isaacs is fantastic, but then I was expecting that. :D

For those interested, I had lunch with Anjuli today and got to see her ultrasound photos. The baby's due in October and she's getting married in about three weeks at city hall. She wants to catch up after the break with me too, and hopefully you can come along, Libby? She's quite keen to see how the full-time honours student copes, as opposed to the comparatively laidback part-time student that I am. ;p

And finally, I'm off to the footy tonight. The Lions are playing the Saints, and it seems like a good way to see in the holiday. Huzzah for a much-deserved break!

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