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Boy, there were a lot of bastards in this episode. Or rather, two big ones in the form of Levington and Luke. I was kind of relieved by the end of the episode to see them both turfed out. I think Anna's little plot could've been cut out though. We already know she can be quite irresponsible (see: Greek violinist girl in series one)!

So, plottish stuff, right? I actually capped more than I expected. There were lots of fun little bits in this episode.

In the opening sequence, James once again trots out his disapproving look at the famous couple making out in his restaurant. Great tie, as usual.

Page Three Girl Carrie (enjoying her 15 minutes) is staying in the hotel. Gino is madly in love with her, as demonstrated by pinning up her pictures on his bottle fridge.

Luke (who is still pretty), offers to bring up Carrie's luggage.

And proves that he's still a bastard by going through her bag and uncovering photos that would make good tabloid fodder for the photographer he appears to be mates with. I hate to say it though, but he's got very sexy hands.

At the morning staff meeting, Charlie explains who Carrie is. James (who is wearing a gorgeous dark olive navy stripe suit) is unimpressed, both with Carrie and Gino's spirited defence of her. Gino (unsurprisingly) calls him a snob.

However, Tony is just like 'LOL!' about it.

And when Charlie calls out Gino on fancying Carrie for being blonde and buxom, James too is all 'LOLZ!' I love this screencap. I swear, I should make a mood theme out of these when I come up for breath from honours.

Jackie (who is starting to sound more English than Australian, woe) laments that her favourite author (also staying at the hotel) is not getting the attention he deserves because of Carrie. James agrees.

Carrie's doing a glamour photoshoot at the hotel pool. Gino catches Charlie helping her off a rock and feels betrayed, Charlie having given Gino tips on how to win Carrie over.

Ben has a case of the lolz (must be infectious, this episode) at Anna being licked by her subplot device (a dog).

Gino tries to win Carrie over by naming his new cocktail after her. It doesn't quite work (she ignores him), so he resorts to outing Charlie and naming Ben as his boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Luke, planning on breaking into Carrie's room, seduces unsuspecting chambermaid Rita and nicks her key card. And then after sex suggests they have dinner sometime. So not only is he a bastard, but a slutty bastard at that!

Charlie is suitably 'WTF?' when Carrie brings up his love life. His "Yes, Ben is special to me." sounded especially convincing. This fandom's so tiny, I bet no one's even considered slashing characters despite all the prettiness about.

Gino tries to avoid Charlie in the lockerrooms, but fails miserably. Charlie gives him more advice.

Charlie narrates a bit about hotel staff going to extreme lengths to feel close to their favourite celebrities and the quirks of celebrities themselves. It isn't half subtle who this guy is meant to be, is it. ;p

Going to see Levington in his hotel room to pick up his new book, Jackie makes a bit of an effort with her appearance. Not that it's especially difficult to make Natalie Mendoza look even more beautiful. For about two seconds, Charlie's rethinking his decision to end their relationship between series.

Carrie, fleeing paparazzi after being publically snubbed by her former lover in the papers, rushes into the hotel. I capped this largely because of Tony manhandling the photographer in the background. Oooh, how manly.

Gino, in a moment of weakness, breaks into Carrie's room to sniff her perfume and feel closer to her (the way Charlie explained before). He hides in the bathroom when he hears someone come in, and is shocked to see Luke rifling around in her luggage, nicking the much-wanted photos. When Carrie comes in a for a few minutes a moment later, Luke is all 'O RLY?' in this shot, and Gino is like 'YA RLY'. When Gino calls him out on the photos, Luke gets even nastier and says he'll take Gino with him if he goes and tells Rebecca.

Carrie reports the theft, and Charlie investigates. He questions Gino, but because of Luke's threat, Gino is silent. An upset Carrie comes down next, and they bond a little. Gino is feeling appropriately guilty.

Gino confronts Luke, and Luke tells him he's already returned the photos and says he hopes Carrie will give him a 'reward' of some sort. Gino is pissed off, and informs Tony as such without telling him the reasons. Tony is suitably suspiscious about it.

Jackie is also in need of comfort, after Levington ends up actually being not the guy she thought he was. She tells Charlie what happened, and Charlie promises to deal with it. Which he does, by promptly telling Levington (at his launch party in the bar) to clear out by reason of a botched reservation. Levington says some rather unkind things about Jackie too. There were some good Charlie/Jackie scenes in this episode, but dammit she turned him down when he asked her over. :/

Meanwhile, Anna's subplot device ends up in a washing machine (it's not a long story, but I can't be bothered explaining it). Ben proudly thinks of pulling the plug to turn the machine off to get the dog out.

Charlie and Jackie have questioned Rita about her missing keycard, but she denies going into Carrie's room and doesn't mention anything about her encounter with Luke. While Luke takes all the credit for returning the photos.

However, he did manage to scan them and send them to a tabloid before he returned them, thus resulting in this flashy frontpage. Gino is livid, but Luke threatens again that he'll take him down with him if he goes to Rebecca.

This time however, Gino's sense of decency wins out, and he goes to Rebecca. She is pleased that he came to her, but nonthless is forced to fire him for hiding in a guest's room.

Tony and Jackie come in and while Tony identifies the photographer friend of Luke's and Jackie explains that Rita confessed to 'talking' with Luke and seeing him take photos from his locker (while cruelly snubbing her), it's a little late.

Rebecca calls Luke in, lays the CAPSLOCK OF RAGE smackdown on him and fires him. Luke's annoyingly nonchalant about the whole thing, but that's about to change.

Luke finds Tony and Charlie breaking into his locker and taking his photo money. Tony however, is extremely pissed, and has no problem shoving Luke up against a locker and making his feelings about this betrayal perfectly clear.

Luke however can't resist being a smartarse and earns a punch in the face from Charlie.

Gino's putting away his bartending equipment in preparation for leaving when Rebecca decides he can stay after all. It may or may not help that Gino's up for barman of the year.

Jackie, having humiliated Levington at his book-signing, enjoys some solitude with a few magazines (not Levington's book though, which she threw in the trash).

Aaaand Luke's outta here. Your prettiness will never be forgotten, but neither will the fact that you're a horrible manslut.

And Gino earns a kiss for his troubles, as Carrie gets a happy ending.

Charlie seems to spend a lot of the show looking horribly smug, but his smile actually isn't too bad. I wish he'd do it much more often, as opposed to that grin he seems to use half the time.


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