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Right. I got back my one page summary from Roxanne. Or rather, I got a photocopy of it, because she's going to erase all the pencilled comments she made on the original and use it as an example next year along with the other topic outlines from the class. I'm filled with great dread at the idea of next year's honours students picking it apart.

The comments I got back were rather extensive, and mostly along the lines of having to narrow it down and requesting more detail. So, I chatted with Rick about the problems of narrowing down the topic. For the moment, I've decided that the Roman persecution of Christians is what I'm really interested in above anything else, since that influences a lot of the writings in the New Testament and elsewhere. Apparently I could easily write 20,000 words on three hundred or so years of persecution. I bloody well hope so!

The 10,000 word individual study unit's going to be on the Roman persecution of Jews, which establishes a good set up for Quo Vadis?. Still undecided on what Life of Brian reference I'm going to use for the title though. Maybe I'll conduct a LJ poll on it!

Had the first of two library lessons today as well. I probably didn't need to go (I'm rather familiar with the library databases and how to find books by now), but as class attendance is part of the overall mark, I went. Next week we learn how to use MS EndNote, which apparently is the greatest thing since sliced bread and that we absoluately must, must use when we're referencing. I am not so convinced, but we shall see.
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