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Beware the Ides of March...

Before Libby swoops in with the news, Judi, we saw Anjuli today while we were going down to Genies for lunch.

Me: So is the wedding still all systems go?

Anjuli: Oh, we've moved it up to next month because of the baby!

Everyone: ...

She had to run off to a tutorial, but I got a text from her later, saying that she was ten weeks pregnant. Shall I send your congratulations? What else to report....apparently Steven is doing a sterling job as consul and has an agenda (Libby was full of praise) and many people came to the meeting and joined the society. So woot to that? Going to see 300 is also on the agenda. I'm going to make sure Libby doesn't chicken out of watching it (if you can tolerate Rome's violence, 300 shouldn't be too bad, surely?).

Had Roxanne and the other students appraise my thesis topic outline today. I'd showed it to Rick prior to class, and he and Roxanne had the same quibble: too big a topic. Which is true, but only because I know I could write 20,000 words on it (that's ten 2000 word essays on various aspects of the Rome and Christianity relationship in my view, which makes it seem a lot easier to write). I'm not keen on getting more specific, but I might have to. The initial thought was to go with the political and religious influences of Rome on Christianity, and that might be what I stick with. I might have to ponder it over Easter, since I want to get a start on the 3000 word proposal afterwards (it's due on June, but we have presentations in May).

And....I got nothin' else. Off to consider my next assignment: find a journal article/book chapter that exemplifies the research method I'm going to take for my thesis (historical critical presently, so it shouldn't be too hard).

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